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trust relationship problem

I am having the trust relationship with this computer and the domain error.  I know the fix is taking the computer out of the domain and adding back in.  If I do this, do I need to know any passwords or usernames to get past the login screen to finish the removal and add it back in?
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There is an easier way.
Disconnect network cable.
Log in with cached credentials.
Click on search and go to "advanced system settings"
Click on "Computer Name" tab
Click on "Network ID"
Reconnect to network
Follow the prompts.

You'd need a local admin account nd its password, yes.
If you can logon as any user now, use thi command instead:,
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Somewhat of a novice here.  This is where I am confused.  I setup this computer on the domain and I did not add a password to the computer name.  I created a username and added a password to that as the administrator.  Which local admin account am I looking for that has a password?

That wasn't clear.  I added the username AS AN administrator

Open Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management then click on Local Users and Groups, then Users.

This will list all of the local accounts on that machine. Or you can use this to create a new one and set a password.
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Here is the screenshot of the usernames.  Which one is the local account?  And when I log back in after removing the computer from the domain what will the login screen look like?  

usually it is:  domain\username

will it have to be something like computername\username?

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My solution doesn't require the local user.
But some people like doing it the hard way.
The top 3 with the blue screen icon are local accounts.

If you're already logged into the machine, though, try Scott's suggestion in the first comment.
scotts option says access denied

your computer could not be joined to the domain because the following error has occurred.  access denied

If you know the local username the type .\administrator in the username box
and the admin password.
Once logged in as local admin then do the normal domain join.