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Sum if within a range of numbers

Is it possible to write a simple formula to sum numbers in a specific range?  In my test file here I have a trial balance that has account numbers in Column A and the balances in Column B.  I would like to sum the balance of all account numbers between 391 to 398.10

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One potential issue with your account numbers and the result from the SUMIFS.

Is account 398.10 "398 point ten", ie the tenth sub account in 398 or is it 398 point one, the first sub account?

Likewise, where does 398.2 come in that group? Is it second sub account or twentieth.

The reason I ask, if 398.2 is actually the second but 398.10 is the tenth, summing up to 398.1 will ignore 398.2 because, as a number, it is greater than 398.1