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#Error summarizing a column on a form

Access 2013, Continuous form with columns TaxPrinBal, TaxPenaltyBal and TaxInterestBal from Recordsource 'tblBIRTPayment_BuildPayment_Work_Local'.  In the table each field is defined as Double, Format Standard, Decimal places 2.
In each case the Field Name and Control Source on the forma are exactly the same.

I want to total each column in the form footer.  For the total of column 'TaxPrinBal' I have a field in the footer with this control source '=Sum([TaxPrinBal])'.   Instead of getting a total for the column I am seeing #Error.

I do the same for each of the columns and get #Error in every one.

Thought this would be pretty simple, I know I've done it dozens of times but not working on this form.
Any idea what I'm doing wrong.
Microsoft Access

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