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How to Enable "Remote Service Management (RPC)" inbound windows firewall via group policy

We have a piece of software that requires "Remote Service Management (RPC)" to be enabled in Windows Firewall for the deployments to initiate quickly.  I am unsure how to add this to group policy since firewall entries confuse me a bit.  Any step by step walk through would be helpful.  Thanks!

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Thank you Bembi, on mine it was named "Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security" for some reason (not sure why the "Defender" is part of it).  Then I did find the "inbound rules" portion.  One thing I noticed was they had a canned setup for "Remote Service Management" underneath "predefined".  From there I just had to check the one with "RPC" at the end and I was all set.  Thank you!  

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Yes, even the name is different between the windows operation systems. But at the end the same.
Just to have it said, that policies can have a preset of definitions which are directly defined in the policy definition or they read them directly from the current system.
That means, that names as well as the available options may differ dependend from the system, on which you edit the policy.