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How to create an .exe or .bat file (or similar) to open a cash drawer over a serial port?

I need to be able to open a cash drawer without using a printer. The cash drawer connects to a Point of Sale device via an RJ11 cable/connector.

I'm not sure the best way to create the file to send the code to send the open and close command.

Can anyone help?

The POS manufacturer's sample commands are:

Cash Drawer Controller Register
The Cash Drawer Controller use one I/O addresses to control the Cash Drawer.
Register Location: 48Ch
Attribute: Read / Write
Size: 8bit

Cash Drawer Control Command Example
Use Debug.EXE program under DOS or Windows98

Command    Cash Drawer
O 48C 04     Opening
O 48C 00     Allow to close
 Set the I/O address 48Ch bit2 =1 for opening Cash Drawer by “DOUT
bit0” pin control.
 Set the I/O address 48Ch bit2 = 0 for allow close Cash Drawer.

The full PDF is here -
(Page 18)
* CodingProgramming* POS* Cashdrawer

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