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Imported IMAP folders to a .pst file are not visible or don’t show any content

Hi Experts

 IMAP folders exported to a .pst file are not visible or don’t show any content.

I understand the export/import process maintains the IMAP folder properties which aren’t compatible with a regular pst-archive which causes the folder contents not to be visible.
Is there a way of exporting an IMAP mailbox to a .pst file without bringing over the IMAP folder properties?
I've come across the following third party website which provides a script to alter the folder properties but was wondering if there was a process of exporting IMAP mailboxes to a .pst without bringing over the IMAP folder properties in the first place.

I know .pst are not the best option, but on this occasion it is necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks for your prompt response.
I will look into and update this post accordingly.
Take care when setting the options since there's one that deletes Mails/Folders from the SERVER.
IMAP to PST is by default the behaviour you're seeing now.
That's because default filtering for IMAP, means it's not visible for default filtering for PST
So in the PST, you'll see "Filter applied' as the status in the down left corner. Just go to the view and set ALL filters you see to the most open option. (Or compare with another PST where all items are visible)

But indeed, this solution should be for short-term. In the mean time, familiarize yourself with the Mailstore options, it's a superior product in many aspects (knowing how to archive, what to delete during archiving, archiving filters (PDF, Word/Excel), etc)