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Linking MS Access To Azure SQL Tables


I have been using MS Access with MS SQL for years and have a robust routine in place for linking tables when the MS Access database is opened (It needs to do this as the user can run the database in live or test mode which connect to different SQL databases).

I've recently picked up a project where the client want to use Azure SQL as the data source but when I try to connect I get the message Run-time error '3170': Could not find installable ISAM.

I've tried several methods of linking the table and get the same message every time - apart from one - If I create an ODBC connection to the Azure SQL database and then link through the ODBC it works, but asks me for the user name and password every time I want to do anything with it.  

I have to use SQL authentication as the majority of the users will be running the Access database on their home PCs so don't have Active Directory user accounts.

Any help would be appreciated!
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