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exporting HTML to an editable format

is it possible to import a web page to an editable app like excel or word so the content can be edited?
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In Javascript, you can work with an Excel library or Word library of your choice. You can manipulate such files for exporting an html document to such formats or even import an html document and load its content to the excel/word document.
If all you want to do is edit the content, it could be very messy importing the HTML to excel. Yes, physically it can be done. However, it can very possibly be a big mess when you consider you need to put back the underlying HTML, JS and CSS.

You don't need anything special to edit HTML. Notepad, Notepad ++ both work. If you want to see color coding for different elements, for free you can use

You will just have to pick out what you want to change, update it and save it back.

If you have a hard time seeing what you want to edit, take note of what it is or copy it on the actual site, then go back to your editor and use find by pasting the content. That will quickly get you where you need to be and from there you can make your changes.

Otherwise, trying to use Excel as a HTML editor only because you are used to using Excel will seem like a good idea up front, but you will quickly see it is far from optimal.

The only times I have used Excel is where I have to concatenate a lot of similar code to make up some hard coded data.  
This is a bit of an open question.

Editable - what does this mean? Any HTML file is editable - open the file and edit it. I don't think that is what you were asking though.

You can (at your peril) save content from Excel and Word to an HTML file. While this is possible the results (in my opinion) are horrendous.

HTML documents comprise different elements: images, forms, tables, paragraphs etc. Each of these require different editing.

For instance you could edit the table portion in Excel.I often do this. I create the table of data in excel then use a cut and past of this to a utility I created that converts the tab separated columns and CR separated rows to rows and cells in an HTML table.

You can see this working here.
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Why do you want to do that?

I'm using Notepad++ because it is free and easy to use and won't mess the page code.

If you need the website content to be edit often (every week) I would use a CMS so anyone with no coding experience could edit the content.

There are opensource CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, or hosted solution WP, Wix, Ghost 

If you need to edit the HTML and you don't know how to code you can also use Web builder some template provide one or you can use it as a standalone

That's depend of the needs...
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