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I replaced an LG smart TV remote control with a wireless mouse, but I need a HOME MENU function.

I recently moved my laptop's wireless mouse dongle to my LG smart TV USB.port.
I then clicked the Home button on my LG remote. (I have model AKB75675304.)
It was that simple – now my mouse almost completely replaces my LG remote and it is much better.
The mouse pointer looks like this   .
When I am watching Prime, Hulu, Netflix etc I can click through all the menus quickly and intuitively.
The mouse duplicates all of the LG remote functions except the remote’s HOME button. That exception is the reason for this post. 
Most of the mouse functions are obvious, but a following are a little obscure.
The mouse can change the TV’s aspect ratio by clicking on the settings ICON in the Home Menu.

The mouse can switch the TV’s Video Source to the DVR/AV by hovering over the home dashboard icon.

But I can’t get the mouse to escape from the “No Signal” screen. I must use the LG remote’s HOME button.
For instance, if my DVR/AV is not turned on, the above instructions lead to a “No signal”  screen, so I must use the remote to reopen the HOME menu.
Does anybody have any ideas how to do use the mouse to escape the “No Signal” screen?
P.S. I even tried hooking a keyboard to the LG,  The keyboard’s HOME key and function keys did nothing, (but it worked great for typing  “this old house” into a search box, )
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