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SpamFighter Ain't Fighting Spam Like It Once Did!


For comparison I have two REALLY well-trafficed admin email addresses - one a gmail account and one an Outlook 2016-managed POP3 of a unique domain.

Now, the Gmail account inbox is, for all intents and purposes, completely spam-free.  Zip.  Zero!  Nothing.  Nada.  Love it!

The POP3 on its own domain is a godzilla of waste and destruction.  Used to be god old SpamFighter was MORE than enough - a TITAN of power. https://www.spamfighter.com/ where NOTHING spam-ish got through.

Sadly, now, it seems to me SpamFighter has lost whatever ability it had to handle even emails I get with titles like: NUEVA PLATAFORMA DE ARQUITECTURA & MARKETING DIGITAL.  Over 10 of them staring me in the face right now.

Nor ones with such subtleties as: Business funding services for your company?

Right there in the subject line.

And!  For the 10+ mentioned above - two arrived only minutes apart on the same day.

Also!  I've got the app at the strictest settings.

So - what is it that Experts rely on?  Is SpamFighter the best?  Or...is there something else that can do the job better?



PS - SpamFighter is US$30 a year!  So it's sort of an exquisite let down to be paying for it and wading through so much spam.
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