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compile GNU software on SCO UNIX 5.0.7 using gcc

I am trying to compile a GNU program on my SCO server, specifically it is lftp. I need it to do FTP-TLS uploads from the server.
I have installed gcc from SCO skunkworks 98 and what I believe are all of the required supplements.
but every time I try to run ./configure I get the error:  ./configure[1906]: : is not an identifier
In the README file there is this note: The package is known to compile on Solaris(gcc), Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, SCO v5.0(gcc), IRIX(gcc), Tru64(gcc) and other systems.
so it should compile.
I am not a C developer, I am just doing my best to follow what instructions I can find on google.
I have tried newer and older versions but get the same error, just a different error number.
I even get the error when I try to run ./configure --help

I must be missing something but I can't figure out what, anyone have any suggestions?

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