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C# Version in Visual STudio

Hopw do I change the C# version in Visual Studio when there is a solution and a solution file but there is no project file?
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I think you mean .NET version.  Solutions files don't contain any .NET version information, only project files do.

So you will need to add a project and set the appropriate .NET version on the project.


Solution always comprises multiple related projects which make up an application
Open the solution in Visual Studio
Right click on the project and choose properties
Go to the Application Tab and click Target Framework dropdown and choose the .net Framework version you want

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 I have a web servise "Web Site"

It has a slm file

And no csproj file

It builds and runs fine

I just need to know how to get the csproj file
There must be a csproj file in the same directory or a subfolder.
Maybe it is hidden
Tun on Windows explorer options to show hidden files and look for it
If it is running fine, why do you want the csproj file?

  WHat I found online is that to change c# version change the properties in the csproj file
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