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Looking for website monitoring tools for website notifications alerts when it is down by email annd sms if possible

Hi experts
I am looking for website monitoring tools that sends alerts when websites are down by email and sms  and if possible  not (essential) web status issues as apache or my sql stopped...etc as I am willing to use paid or free version of tools whether online or as installation on linux  servers  to do the monitoring 
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Oh, there are a lot of service you can use...
They do not offer only web site moritoring but also a log of other tools. The tools are mostly for free, the monitoring they take some money for. 

Free tools for monitoring are seldom, as this is usually the business model such sites live from. 
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Just an additional hint, but depends on the way, how you host your websites.
If you use a provider, there is possibly the chance, that they offer some basic monitoring functions as well as you may use cron jobs.
As an external monitoring tool - as David said - can not look behind the website, you may get an information, that the website is down, but not really more and not really why. You have to inspect your provider to find the issue. So to llok a bit deeper into the system, it has to happen on provider side.

If your website is hosted on internal servers, then there are of course different tracking tools (i.e. MS SCOM or also from Computer Accociates and others), which may monitor more or less everything, but what usually doesn't neccessary mean, that your website is available from the outside world.
Such generic monitoring tools are not quite cheap, what possibly point back to David, to use something more self made to track the needed services.