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Adding Instagram to Hootsuite

Hi Experts,

I'm new to Hootsuite, and I just got the Pro account.

I added Twitter & LinkedIn flawlessly, and already setup my streams and posted.

I added also Facebook by leaving the default selections, except for unchecking my Personal Profile, my Groups, as well unchecking 2 out of the 3 Pages that I manage.  

The page, IWSCC, is the  one that I left checked, is the one that I want to manage through Hootsuite, and added the stream to my dashboard.

The issue that I am having with is with Instagram, hich I know has to go through the FB page. I keep getting:

...But, when I click on the link "Link Instagram to this Page", I see,...

... Meaning, that Instagram IS connected to the IWSCC FB Page.

I also think that Instagram is a Business account, as under Switch profile, I only see Personal or Creator as choices.

So, why can't connect Instagram to Hootsuite?

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David H.H.Lee

8/22/2022 - Mon