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How to connect CD/DVD to install OS on a remote VM?

I am using vSphere Client version on Windows 10 at home.  I connect through VPN to an ESXi server at work, where IT folks created a sandbox VM for me to install Ubuntu. I want to install Ubuntu from an ISO image.  How can I  make the vm boot into it?   In my vSphere client I have a choice between Client Device, Host Device, Datastore ISO File, and Content Library ISO File.  Can I use one of these options to use the ISO on my PC or is the only option to ask my IT folks to mount it somehow at work?
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When I got to Menu > Storage and select the datastore, I see "You have no privileges to view this object or it does not exist".  So, I suppose, I have to get my IT folks to perform this upload for me?
In such case, it would be quicker for your IT to upload the ISO file for you as you have not been assigned the required privileges to do the upload.

Besides, your IT should assign the privilege of Virtual machine .Interaction.Configure CD media to you for install of the guest OS.