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Exchange 2016 - Public Folder Database close to 2 TB.

We have about 20 Public Folder mailboxes on 1 Mailbox Database. That DB is reaching 2TB. What can/should we do?
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Seth Simmons
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What can/should we do?

start cleaning it out
if there are things you need to keep for legal or other reasons, you might want to look at a 3rd party archiving solution

Public folders
You can attach a second DB and move some content there.
But what in the hell you are storing in 20 folders? 100 GB per folder.
Even hard core outlook users seldom reach such a limit.
Especially, who ever will read what is inside, I mean in his current and the twenty following lifes.

I guess, Seth is on the right track. Clean it up....
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ha. There are many PF mailboxes that were required for a Exchange 2007 to 2013 migration, at the time this was MS recommendation.


yes, but at the end it is also not a problem to reorganize the databases just by moving the mailboxes.
But cleaning up is the first choice, also for normal mailboxes, the second maybe a few rules and if th erules do not work a few policies for auto cleanup. It is like a roof, everything you don't need anymore is store there, and after 20 years, you throw it.

How do you get users to clean review and clean 20TB of data?
I mean 2 TB
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thanks for the suggestions.