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Excel VBA: How to trigger UserForm Activate code

Hello Team

I have the following code within a userform called frmSendEmail

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
Form_Personalized = FindWindowA(vbNullString, Me.Caption)
STYLE = StartWindow(Form_Personalized, STYLE_CURRENT)
MoveWindow Form_Personalized, STYLE_CURRENT, (STYLE)
End Sub

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Within module "SendEmail" the following code is included:

Answer = MsgBox("Do you wish to check report details before producing email and attachment?", vbYesNo, "Mailbox Check")
  If Answer = vbYes Then
   Exit Sub
  End If

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When the above code is executed, it does result with the display of the frmSendEmail but the form that is displayed does not include the display of the Maximize and Minimize functions on the userform which would be included if the Private Sub UserForm_Activate() was executed when the frmSendEmail.show is ran.

Can you please advise what I must adjust or include in order for the Private Sub UserForm_Activate() to be triggered when the frmSendEmail.show is executed?

Thank you in advance.


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Martin Liss
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Martin Liss
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In the IDE have you gone to the Debug menu and clicked Compile VBAProject?

Put a breakpoint on line 2 of the UserForm_Activate code. You do that by clicking in the left-hand margin of that line. Then execute your SendEmail code. Does the code stop at the breakpoint?

For more information about debugging, please see my article on the subject.
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Dale James


Hello Martin

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I have done the compile and also applied a debug too the Activate sub procedure.  

When I run the frmSendEmail.Show code, the procedure doesn't pass to the frmSendEmail module.  The form just appears on screen without the debug process being activated.

If I run the Activate code from within the frmSendEmail module, the form is then displayed with the Max and Min functions included but not when the frmSendEmail.Show code is executed from another module.
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I wish you had posted a workbook. Because variables are declared and defined outside the scope of the code you posted, we can't trace the code, inspect values or debug. All we can do is guess.

It may be that WS_CX_MINIMIZAR and WS_CX_MIXIMIZAR are undefined when you execute the code in module SendEmail. I also wonder if that second variable should have been WS_CX_MAXIMIZAR (MAX rather than MIX).
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Martin Liss
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Dale James


Martin...you are correct!!

The inclusion of the vbModal has triggered the userform to display the Max and Min functions.

Thank you very much!!

Hello byundt

Thank you for your input as well.


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Martin Liss
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You’re welcome and I’m glad I was able to help.

If you expand the “Full Biography" section of my profile you’ll find links to some articles I’ve written that may interest you.

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