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Reference to transposed pairs of columns is excel for further calculations/

I have taken coordinates from an exsisting flightplan and copied them into Notepad+++ and save the file to a txt file. The txt file is imported in excel sheet1.

With the help of a function I found on the internet, the imported txt file is transposed to paired columns of data on sheet2.

On this sheet I want to recalculate the positions from a Degree Minutes Seconds format to a digital format. This to be able in the end to make a KML file that can be displayed as a  path in Google Earth.

This is the situation depicted in the attached file. However if I run the Macro to transpose the data, all the formulas on sheet 2 are gone. How to overcome this?Jeremy.xlsb
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Rob Henson
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Good morning Rob,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I implied your suggestion and it works like a charm.