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change ip address exchange server 2013 - Cannot see queues

I am attempting to change my ip address of my Exchange 2013 server to a new subnet. I have simply changed the ip and restarted the server. All appears correct but I cannot see any of my queues but the submission queue. I can send the email but it does not arrive. Once I set back to my old ip the sent email then arrives.
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Can you ping your DC from Exchange server?
ping dcname.domain.local

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Can you ping Exchange server from DC
ping exchangeservername.domain.local

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Please check for any host entry in your server as well.

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Possibly DNS and/or Default Gateway issues as well?
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It appears it was the firewall. Now just wondering if someone would know why they will not connect? Thanks. I can open another question also.

You might need to add the new subnet to the trusted interface of the firewall. Assuming your have Snat in place, copy the old firewall rule, but change the internal host to the new ip of the exchange. Disable the old firewall rule and test mail flow. With a bit of luck if it is the firewall everything should be back to working.
Also as Andy says check the dns records of the exchange server have updated with the new IP address.
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It was of course the easily overlooked hosts file. Thank you all for the help.
Glad to know you sorted out.
And glad we helped on the same.

Which should be a lesson for everyone else, don't use the hosts file, that's only for hacking. In a normal working environment, it shouldn't be touched, the DNS server takes care of it.