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Office Outlook – Sync tasks across devices

I am trying to sync tasks across devices but can't seem to find how.

I have this page

But do not see where to find the given options.

Someone please help.
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Are you talking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Alt least your link point to that.
If you want to exchange items between devices...
Items are in sync with microsoft exchange anyway, if you use your Outlook client with the same account (as items are stored on Exchange). If you talk about Outlook mobileand Active Sync (i.e. Handies, Tablets), you have to set the sync settings on the Device.   
I have found that the best way to sync tasks, especially on a handheld, is to download Microsoft ToDo app. Welcome to To Do ( 
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Bembi, CRM is what I ended up with when searching for my requirement. I do not need to use it if there is any other/better way to do it.

I have a laptop at the office and one at home. Plus two mobile devices. Task added to any device remains on that device and is not shared on any of the other devices.

On the other hand mails and meetings are shared across all the devices.

Karen, Since I have my meeting reminders on outlook, I would prefer to have everything in one window instead of flooding my screen with windows....and the capability exists so all the more reason.
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Hello Saqip,

please let us know, if your question is answered.
If yes, you can accept one or more answer from the experts as solution to close the question.
Otherwise feel free to ask more questions.  
Sorry, I have not been able to try this out yet. Will update as soon as I do.