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cloning of production server to staging environment

Hi Teams
kindly I have wordpress site hosted on  AWS production server as EC2 instance called prod  in AWs and Mysql RDS as database  called RDS_Prod server as I already cloned Production server as new ec2 and connected it to same Rds (RDS_Prod)  and is called Staging as I enabled all firewall rules
 the issue that in the apache of production server (original server) it is redirected to www.domainname.com in staging server as it is  cloned  which is prod server so how can I load web data from production server (prod ) in clone environment and test with another url for staging  (staging) for wordpress and  domain test url  with same data from production so that I will not be redirected to domain name of production .
when I shutdown Production server it  gives error in Staging as it is redirected to domain of Prod www.domainname.com 
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