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WIFI Extender Range

Hello a friend of mine is trying to come up with a solution to add a powerful wifi extender that should cover a 41 foot range.   See his message to me below would like some ideas if you have any.  I personally do not think it can be done but figured I would check here.

"Cuz I recently got the TP-link AX1500 RE505X, and it was no good
I needed it to extend to a house that was 41 feet past the main house, and I had 1 bar barely at the door of the 2nd house"

Appreciate the help as always.

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The probelm with WIFI is mainly not the distance but more what is between sender and receiver.
41 feet it nothing, most routers can cover about 100 meters so around 300 feets.
But if there is metal between sender and receiver, even 1 meter can be too much.
Steel-concrete ususally kills every signal.  

A repeater alone will not help as it can only retransmit, what is receiced at the end.
So a bad signal will not get better. You will have possibly 5 bars on the end device, but the speed is determined my all invloved devices and also by the speed between router and repeater.
So repeater are usually placed, where you have a good signal from the router as well as a good connenction to the end device. If you are capable to work "around the corner", you may eleminate the blocking wall and send around it.      
You can use your handy and walk around, just to see, where you loose the connection.
This way you may find out, where the signal is blocked. 
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