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How to Handle Device Restarts?

Our IT department is having a lot of issues with users not restarting their PCs regardless of how much we tell them or sending out communications. This is causing a lot of issues for some of our applications that get frequent updates and require the PC to be restarted. I am wondering how this is generally handled - especially with remote work these days.

Is this best done with SCCM or is there a better tool? I am thinking to use SCCM to give users the restart pop-up message once every 3 days. Also, is there a way to set up alerts based on when the computer was last restarted? For example, I receive an email alert if I computer has been running for more than 3 days.

Another idea I had, if this is possible with SCCM, is to create an alert that sends an email to the user directly with a template advising them to restart their PC, if their machine has been running for more than 3 days.
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