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Testing a microphone remotely

Is it possible to test a microphones on a remote computer without a user talking into it?  For example, if I troubleshoot a user's microphone, I usually ask them to talk into it and then I'll see if I can hear them.  However, if there is no one there, is there a way to run a test to see if the mic is successfully working.  This is on a Windows 10 machine.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Maybe you use the computers speakers. If the microphone works, you have the well know high frequency feedback noise in your ear. For the speakers you have a test button in the configuration.
The other option is the rdp session itself, within this session you can define, that ie. remote speaker, mic, etc. is transfered to the local machine or even not. 

I'm not quite sure that the sound of the speakers will actually go into the microphone, otherwise things like Zoom or video conference would always have feedback...
Andrew Porter

If you have something like Zoom, WebEx, or another UC program, perhaps you can open it and watch/test the microphone levels by playing a YouTube video in the background to see if the mic levels move?
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William Peck

You just have to make it loud enough, and more professional applications possibly have some noice reduction meachism.
To just use the native test buttons, or as Adrew said, play some hard rock via You Tube..
With my 300 Euro headphone, yes, they are silent, but built in hardware usually works. 
William Fulks

If you can remote into that machine, at the very least you can open up Sound Settings and look at the Test your microphone part to see if it registers any noise. Maybe there's enough ambient noise in the room to register something?

I am not sure how one can truly test a microphone without actually using it, though.

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