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Watch Live TV on computer

Is there a technology that allows you to do this? My desire is short term, a few days, but if it works, I might use it more later. I look stuff up, but is all seems geared to watching on your TV, not a computer or other device.

My TV is temporarily kaput, just want to use my laptop for a few days.

Can this be done? I'm not asking for free, I'll pay a reasonable price.

Thank you,
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Adam Leinss

Yes, you should be able to try out YoutubeTV (https://tv.youtube.com/).
There are others such as SlingTV (https://www.sling.com) and Phlio (https://www.philo.com/)

Over the air signal can be watched here:


Though the programming might not be to your liking. So just pay up for a few months for HBO Max/Hulu/Netflix/Paramount+/Disney+, they all should have a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time. Hell, maybe the trial period is enough for you.
And a free channel, that may not be targeted at your demographics: https://www.cwtv.com/shows/ (not live, it's next day free)
Here's a totally free option: https://www.peacocktv.com/ (paid sub opens up more shows)


Lets say, it depends where you catch your programs using your TV...
But there are a lot of streaming channels around and also a lot of apps you can use.
It will not be the same like on the TV, because it is possibily a completely different technique, but may just fill the gap.
Amazon Prime just to add another one.
A lot of movies you can also just watch on youtube.
It depends what you want to like to see, but there is enough to fill out 24h even for free.
For news, you usually find a life streaming on the websites of the news channels.

To see all your channels like on the TV, you need a tuner / receiver for your TV source, i..e cable, satelite or whatever to catch the original TV signal.

There are also solutions like an Amazon Stick.

But living some days without TV may also a new experience :-)
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William Peck
Richard Korts


Yes, I am thinking of some days without TV. I generally watch national news, some local news and sports. Right now, my MAIN thing is my baseball team, the San Diego Padres, doing real good, but I doubt I could catch their channel. But ESPN keeps a lot of updates going, I'll try YouTube & see.

I am not a big TV watcher, often only 2 - 3 hrs in the evening.

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Richard Korts


Wow, I just went to CBS & the news was on. I already get the gist of it.

Not bad.


I guess you will even find your baseball team, the question is only if you have to pay for.

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