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FTP using windows file explorer client

I need to setup a new FTP server on Windows 2019. This is replacing an FTP server on Windows 2008 that was using Windows FTP services

Users need to connect using Windows File Explorer.

I installed Filezilla and It works fine running FTP from a command prompt but I could not get Windows File Explorer to connect.

I then installed Windows FTP services and I have the same problem. I could access FTP on the 2008 server using Windows File Explorer but not on the 2019 server

The Windows firewall is turned off. When I enter the user name and password I get the message

FTP Folder Error
An error occurred opening that folder on the FTP Server.  Make sure you have permission to access that folder.
The connection with the server was reset

Once this is working, I'll need to make sure it works through the Firewall like the 2008 server did

FTPWindows Server 2019

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Andrew Leniart

8/22/2022 - Mon

I just discovered that I can access the FTP server from Windows File Explorer on a server inside the network. It does not work on the workstations inside the network or any server or workstation outside the network.

I can access it using command line FTP outside the network
Ron Malmstead

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It looks like my reply did not get posted so I'll repost it...

I have been doing IT for 30 years and I always hated when someone, instead of answering a question, questions why you are doing what you are doing since that never answered the persons question.

I make an exception in this case, you make a great point. I'm not sure why we are still using FTP. I will try to get them to switch to Onedrive

Ron Malmstead

No problem, I completely understand that, and I have the same feelings when someone does that to me.
...but you don't know who is and who isn't an experienced admin sometimes, so I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't offer alternatives for issues that are security sensitive.

All of life is about relationships, and EE has made a viirtual community a real community. It lifts everyone's boat
William Peck

There' still an easy of use with FTP, and there's also the speed that factors in a local FTP server vs the Onedrive cloud option.
You shouldn't have any troubles though if you used the Filezilla Server on the Win2019, and the Filezilla client on the client side. You can have the encryption is order, and the setting up of the server is a breeze and transparent (unlike Windows' own FTP server with all the unknown intricacies that comes along with it).
Filezilla Server has much better user/file/folder control, anti hammering feature, and setting up fixed dynamic ports is a breeze. All the basic features needed, that Windows does NOT have, after all these years.
Andrew Leniart


I normally never do this unless I've actually gone through a process myself, but I thought you might benefit from this article I read the other day at the XpertsTec site. Still had the link in my browser history.

How to install and configure FTP server on windows server 2019

Goes through all of the configuration steps that are needed and thought it might help you discover a missed step.

Apologies if you've already seen the article or read a similar resource.

Best, Andrew