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AD account showing as CNF:longstringnumbersName in all AD Group Memberships

So, I've noticed that one particular user is showing up with CNF:longstringofnumbersName in all the AD Security Groups she belongs to.  

For example, if her name was Jane Smith, she would be listed as CNF:9s383flksjf-3422-2342-23d-dfklaj9se34JaneSmith (not the real string of numbers).  

This is showing in all of the groups she is a member of.

We are a single Domain with 2 DCs (one local, one in a DC).  We sync with M365 using Azure AD Connect.  We used to be in a hybrid environment, but are no longer.  This was showing up prior to decommissioning the hybrid.  Not sure that is relevant, but wanted to make sure it was known.

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