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EventID 531 - After replacing faulty disk Raid5

Hi, need some assistance with the following error after replacing a single faulty drive (raid5) which is now showing multiple times. Physical Server is a 2012 domain controller but has no fsmo roles installed running dhcp / dns. Googling this I'm finding issues relating to exchange but this server is not running any mail services but is GC and forms part of 3 DC's in total

Task Category - Database page cache
EventID 531 lsass (604) The database engine attempted a clean write operation on page 4355 of database C:\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit. This action was performed in an attempt to correct a previous problem reading from the page.

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Did the Raid initiated a complete and successfull rebuit? It can take several hours, dependen on the disc size.
It is possible (but with RAID 5 usually should not happen), that the disc fault produced an inconsistency in the ntds database.
From the message I would expect this is a waring?  The fact would point me to the storage systems (raid controller), so check it firmware, software is up to date.
Some controllers don't like if you just take teh faulty disc out. You fiost have to switch it of. But depend from the conteoller and firmware. 
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Thanks, The raid rebuild did complete successfully but the server was not powered down when the disk was replaced. Yes can confirm they are warnings. Will double check the firmware.  
Just be carefully to change if firmware, if the raid in not in a condition as expected.
If the rebuilt is complete, a reboot may also remove some orphaned visible items, and than have a look, if the warning comes back. 

For this case it is also good to check the integrity of the NTDS service, I will tell you how to do it:

1) Log in to Domain Controller as Domain / Enterprise Administrator
2) Open PowerShell as Administrator
3) Stop NTDS service using net stop ntds
4) Type
activate instance ntds

stay tuned. Greetings
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