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using an external dns server as a source for certain internal a recs in an AD environment

I have a client with an AD environment. His internal domain is a a.local but since he is hosting his own exchange I had to create an internal zone lookup for so things work correctly for internal clients to find the exchange server As the zone exists in the environment I had to add the a recs for other resources hosted outside ie. no big deal just pointed them out. external users are using an outside third party DNS provider who is also managing the web site. the issue is that sometimes for testing purposes the third party will switch the normal traffic to a different IP address. They make the switch on the external dns servers but obviously internal users are not seeing this because internal ad servers are not updated.
is there a way to point an internal ad dns server to uses an external dns server for certain a records while leaving it as internally authoritative for others like the exchange box?

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Usually you can define domain based (conditional) forwarders. So rather than to put your external DNS / IPs hard into your DNS, just forward them to your provider. 
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how do u define domain based conditional forwarders?
there may be a few internal ips,  I guess I could make a few of them as their own domain zones.
A somewhat reversed option is to keep the zone, then for each record that you want to be resolved by your public DNS you can create a delegation and point it at the server listed in your SOA record for the public domain.

Which option you go with can sometimes just be a numbers game.
Conditional DNS forwarders can be set in your local DNS settings...
There is an extra folder Conditional Forwarders just under the server name in the DNS snap in..

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I went with creating zones for the servers. TY