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file server migrations/transfers & challenges to watch out for

We have a project planned to migrate thousands of documents from one file server (running a legacy version of Windows Server), to a new file server (running a new supported version of Windows server).
If you have been involved in such a project before, what are the likely issues the end users may face once the data is migrated over? And any tips on how to minimize end user disruption? Permissions *should* stay the same, I was just thinking of any possible problems once the migration has taken place and ways to avoid this.
Out of interest, what tools/scripts did you use to move the files over?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
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Pau Lo

Ok thanks, so its pretty painless to the end user, and there should be no real issues/disruption and they shouldn't necessarily even notice if done properly in line with the standard process detailed? basically: nothing is likely to  break.
David Johnson, CD


Does the server do anything else? Is there DFS Replication or DFS Namespace involved?

I use DFS Namespace so I don't need to rename the new server to the old server name.

DFS Replication can get files onto the new server if it is already in use. I wouldn't setup DFS Replication just to do a migration, though.
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James Murphy

Echo Kevin's dfs-R referal.
Available since 2003 R2
Domain based share.

Switching names if memory servers will still require un maping, remapping network drives.

How quickly do you need this where dfs-R is not an option?

Using Hello there's example with /maxage  or /minage to transfer only files that are commonly accessed to speed  up transition, and the to try and keep the two as closely synchronized. as possible.
The above caveat is that you do not need to switch/rename the new server to use the old server's name.