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Richard Christensen

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How do I fix the problem of windows media player missing on my PC?

Windows media player windows 10 is missing.  To get to it I have to go to the search box and enter
windows media player.  The program appears but I am not sure it has all the functionality.  I want to use it to copy some data cd's but I am not sure I can rely on it?  What is your advice?
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Bill Prew

Why would you use WMP to copy data CDs, it's a tool for listening to or ripping audio or video CDs?

Can you post a screenshot of the windows media player you have located via Windows search?

If you can find and run windows media player, only it's shortcut is missing.
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What tool should I use to copy photo CD's to a blank disk?  I tried last week to purchase
and download Roxio Easy CD creator and it indicated the download file was 2.5 GB and it required in
excess of 5 hours and therefore I quit!
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Éric Moreau
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Windows 10 has a builtin burner tool.
Insert a recordable media into your writer.
Then drop tracks and you shoukd see an option burn Cd/DVD or disk.

There are different opensource
Not sure what or where you were purchasing, but 2.5 GB seems odd.
Unless it is a complete suite for both audio and video editing.
Lots of tutorials for this on the interwebs, here are a couple that popped up first for me...

Windows versions marketed in Europe do not have WMP installed by default and are donated by the suffix N in the product name

You need to download the feature pack

For other versions
Windows 10 Home and Pro
Windows Media Player comes included as an optional feature with these versions of Windows 10, but it needs to be enabled. To do so, press Windows key + I to open Settings. Go to Apps > Manage optional features > Add a feature.
i downloaded it from here - 500 MB only   Downloading .. Roxio Easy Media Creator - Soft Famous 
Thanks Bill Prew.  Those instructions on burning a CD with Windows 10 were very helpful.  Much appreciated.
Welcome, glad that was useful.