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Email - Send from multiple domains with one mailbox.

Ive seen answers for 2007 and earlier, but never for Exchange 2016, so im wondering if its now possible. Some sources say no, but would like other opinions.
So we have multiple domains on our On Prem 2016 Exchange (3). and currently no user has the ability to send from any domain they choose, only their primary. They can receive all their different domain addresses via their aliases in their current mailbox.
Is it now possible to have the user send from their chosen "From" address with only one mailbox?
I know i can add a user account for each domain and assign "Send As" and add a forward rule. And i also have the option to have a distributed group for a users "alternate" email address but with 3 (maybe going 4) domains and over 100 users, just thinking of resources and setup time. Using outlook 2016 as mail client but with owa for anywhere access and also outlook as their mobile phone email client. The 'powers that be' want one mailbox for each user, do i tell them its not possible currently and the only options are what ive mentioned?


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