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Exchange Onlie PUblic Folders

Hi All,

We may be moving from Exchange 2010 on prem  to Exchange online. We have a number of public folders, mostly are mail enabled and used for generic correspondence from outside customers. With that in mind I have a couple of questions:
1. Are there any specific licence requirements for using public folders. All of our users that we will be movng to O365 will have a business basic licence, will this cover it? (I know that shared mailboxes dont need a licence, but anyone who accesses them does, is this the same for public folders? I have read they require a P2 licence, is this just for the user accessing them, or per public folder?
2. When we migrate the public folder, will users who havent been moved online still be able to view/ interact with the public folders? Does this also work in reverse, ie. O365 users can still view/use public folders still on prem?
3. In general is it better/easier to migrate the public folder like for like (stay public folders in the cloud), or convert them to shared mailboxes?

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