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Can Apple Profile Manager Device Group Settings take Priority over Device Settings?

I have recently taken over the management of an Apple MDM Profile Manager environment.  I am also new to Apple in general and could really use some help.

It is my understanding that the hierarchy for device management gives priority to the device configuration, when present, rather than device group configuration.  Because this is a legacy environment, many device configurations have previously been managed individually rather than by device groups.

I would like to manage device configuration with device groups in order to avoid the need to touch every individual device configuration.  This is after all a basic tenant of device management.  I've searched for a way to reset the device configuration from Profile Manager but haven't found a way.

I'm hoping there is a way to reset the device configuration so the device group configuration can manage the enrollment settings of company owned devices.

For example:

This device configuration for "Set device name" is getting priority over the device group configuration below which attempts to provide a name prefix that gets the %SerialNumber% appended.  The same thing is happening with the Setup Assistant Options.

Is there away to reset the device settings so that the device group settings can get priority?

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