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Outlook - Type to Sort is not working normally

Outlook Type to Sort on a list of email isn't working as it used to.  When I sort my sent items by sender and then look for "alex jones" by typing "jon", it first takes me to the J, then the O then the N, and I'm typing those letters quickly.  If I type "jon" at least 3 times, it finally begins taking me to the Jones section.  I'm trying to figure out if this is some "new feature" that MS has put in place because their developers "know better".  
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Thank you for the suggestions, unfortunately, this is happening on multiple computers, including my own.  In the past, I would sort my sent items by name and type the last name, say "cartr" or "cart" to get to Cartright".  Now, when I type "car" by the time I hit R, I'm in Reagan, then when I hit T, I get Trainer.  If I do it multiple times, it does ultimately seem to accept 3, 4 and more letters, but after a reboot, it goes back to this goofiness.  

Sorry, I'm trying to remember if someone actually had this issue on Experts Exchange but in the past, can't recall if it was resolved by rebuilding the index or repairing the Outlook index or ones pst file. I believe there is a way to back up your index also. It could be something off with the AutoComplete cache or index, I know you can back up the auto complete and empty it\start fresh too but that is not ideal.

Perhaps see if the Microsoft SARA tool offers any helpful diagnostic information
Otherwise, something must of course be happening or changing after the reboot on the backend each time since you're noticing that, maybe there's a system key or something changing if you compare the capture details of that task with ProcessMonitor or ProcMon. That is quite unusal.

Of the top of my head I would compare Outlook and Microsoft Office versions, OS updates. Unsure if we're discussing a few or a bunch, but a clean uninstall, reboot and reinstall of Office came to mind.

Otherwise, I would verify with Microsoft support via ticket if they have heard of any new or pattern reports of the behavior your describing with the OS and Microsoft Outlook version.
Thanks everyone.  My customer decided she would just "live with it."