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Kernel error on this Linux VM, what went wrong?

This is a SuSE Enterprise server on a VM. Found the following look like kernel-related error messages in /var/log/messages,

25T05:58:41.071338+08:00 ssinxxxx01 kernel: [580268.153410] ntc[3573]: segfault at fffffffe01907ff4 ip 0000000000408ed0 sp 00007ffc37e27ff0 error 5 in ntc[400000+158000]

What went wrong with the server?
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Seth Simmons
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looks like the ntc process experienced a segmentation fault; not something with the kernel itself
kernel is probably configured to print fatal signals (like segfaults) to syslog
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Dr. Klahn

fffffffe01907ff is a very suspicious-looking address to see in a segmentation fault.  It's unlikely that any program uses the full 64-bit memory space, and yet that address is right at to the top of the memory space.  Unless malloc allocates memory top-down on that system, I'd speculate that ntc (whatever that program is) has misaddressed something using an invalid pointer.
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Hi Dr. Klahn,

That mean we have to check this "ntc" process?
Well, that's where I'd start looking.  No doubt other experts will be adding their opinions in a few hours once the sun is up, so unless the situation is critical you might want to hang on for a bit.
First thing to check, is the system up to date?
One seg fault isn't always a killer, but if it keep happening, you will need to look more closely.
If it is an older server, it could be starting to show its age... Or it might just need a cleaning and a reseating of all cards and memory to clean the contacts...

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Thank for everyone.