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Why the NetBackup has to take more than 24 hours to backing up the VM?

This is using Veritas NetBackup 8.11. We also using HP Simplivity VMware virtualization. There is a MS Windows VM server having about 700GB in size, in the report, has to take more than 24 hours to complete the snapshot and backup.
However, we checked the VMware web portal and found that the snapshot creation only took few second to complete. The snapshot removal and other jobs completed successfully shown in this VMware portal.
Just confuse why the snapshot and backup image have to take so long to complete. How is the whole process work? Where to look into to solve the problem?
clientJob TypeJob
Job StateJob StatusJob Start TimeJob End TimeJob Duration
Job Size
Job Throughput
ssinsplunkhf01BackupFull_BackupDone023.05.2021 12:35:5324.05.2021 00:44:1812:08:2573384390016820
ssinsplunkhf01Snapshot-Done023.05.2021 12:35:4224.05.2021 00:44:3812:08:56  

Thanks in advance.
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