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Need accdb repair tool recommendation

I am having a variety of problems with my Access 365 db which include unexplained database in use errors when attempting to compact.

I'm wondering whether anyone has tried or would recommend
Stellar Access Repair, Stellar Phoenix Access Repair, or another other access repair tools.
Are they legit?
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Run compact and repair with Access 2019, 2016 or 2013 and not the 365 version. Or use a new copy from your backup.

hmm, I don't know those tools, but do they more than Application.SaveToText and Application.LoadFromText?
Start with decompile first and also check if a blank database can connect/link
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ste5an... I do not have other versions of Access installed.. what is the issue with 365 compact?

John.. if I move the db to a new folder.. I the operation works.. the first time.. from then on I get the in-use message
Rebooting solves the problem the first time I try to compact... then I have the same problem..

I suspect that you have structural issues...wirj with decompile and check what pops up...
John.. what is "wirj "

The 365 versions are not exactly the same built and in my experience, they are not as stable due to cloud issues.

E.g. my main development version is still 2013 (en-US).
It sounds like you run the compact & repair having the file on a network share.
Copy it to a local folder and try again.

If that fails, create a new (local) database and then import all objects from the offending file.

If that also fails. you may consult Wayne at:

for a trustworthy repair.
My phone...:)..."work"
Contact Wayne Philips at

While the automated tools can do the job sometimes, usually when a DB gets really messed up, it requires a manual effort.

Wayne is also the only one that can recover source code if the source is messed up or missing (.accde).

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Yes, I have tried to decompile.  I have only used the o365 decompile as I do not have other versions of Access available.
Gustav... C&R of the FE is being done locally
Daniel.. I've heard of Exporting using SaveAsText/LoadFromText but have not tried it.  I will research how to do this.

Jim..As you know, I've had serious problems with this DB which Microsoft cannot solve for a long time.  I may try to contact Wayne to see if he can help.  I'll tell him you (and Daniel) referred me.

Daniel.. although I do not password protect my source...your website review, and comments about non-existing technical support and refund issues, will close the door to purchasing Stellar Phoenix Access Repair.  Thank you for the review.