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How can I pass controls and content through into a user control in vb ASP.NET?

I have a user control that is essentially dressing for page content.  It arranges a heading and content dropping it into placeholders within the controls markup.
e.g in the page using the control I want to have :
<uc1:UcPresentation runat="server" ID="UcPresentation1">
--various controls/content--
--various controls/content--

Does anybody have an example of how to do this? I am struggling to find a VB example...
I found https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/aspnet/36574bf6(v=vs.100) but these seems to go a lot further and make a series of templates and I could not see what to extract to make this into the much simpler requirement I have of just passing content through into placeholders.
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