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Demoted DC left behind broken connection to DC in remote site.

We demoted a (W2K12) DC this evening.  The problem is that the (W2K12) DC in our remote site used that (demoted W2K12) DC as it's replication connection between the two sites.

All connections are automatically generated.  The W2K12 DC was demoted more than 2 hours ago.  I was hoping AD would self correct by now.  Is that a mistaken assumption on my part?  

[From ADSS] I tried a topology check from the W2K12 DC at the remote site in hopes it would pick one of the other (newer W2K19) DC's here at my main site.  But nothing had changed yet.

When I run ADSS from a W2K19 DC in our main site, the connection with the demoted W2K12 DC is shown as "Invalid".  At the remote site, the W2K12 DC there that's trying to talk to it doesn't realize it's invalid.  

There's a newer W2K19 DC at the remote site that's talking to one of my newer W2K19 DC's here at the main site.  So they're all connected.  

Should I manually delete the "invalid" connection? Or should I wait a bit and see if AD deletes it?

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