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new server support requirements/checklist

Is there a basic checklist of things you do when you create a new virtual windows server in your domain, and after initial project stage where you hand it over to your support teams. The obvious thing would be to ensure the team who look after backups are aware the server has gone live and to include the server and its drive(s) into backup selections. As I don’t work on the operational side of IT I was interested was kind of things you have on your checklist/to do list when the system goes live to ensure it is well 'managed'. to do some spot checks on new systems joined to our domain to check all the basics have been covered and we can be assured there is a solid handover process from the project/build team to the day to day server support team. We don't want to automatically assume a new server is magically backed up, patched and whatever else unless there is a proper handover process and some degree of administrative intervention to set the server for proper management and administration.
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