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I am having problems with HyperV replication Server 2019 HyperV

I have two 2019 Hyper-V servers. (HyperV-0 and ReplicaV-0) In HyperV Manager under Hyper-V Settings / Replication Configuration, I have "Enable this computer as a Replica server" checked on both servers. I also have Use Kerberos (HTTP) selected on both servers. I have also enabled the port 80 Hyper-V Replica HTTP Listener (TCP-In) rule under the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.
When I tried to replicate a server from HyperV-0 to ReplicaV-0, it appeared as if the replication was going fine, then all the sudden HyperV-0 shows a red X over ReplicaV-0 in the Hyper-V Manager. I have tried removing the host and re-adding it but it immediately disconnects and I get the message "The operation on computer "ReplicaV-0" failed: The client cannot connect to the destination specified int he request. Verify that the service on the destination is running and is accepting requests. *see image*When I right click on the server I want to replicate and click Resume Replication, I get the message "Sending initial replica failed" 


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