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New Acquisitions - transitioning IT infrastructure

Hello All,

Our company has decided to grow around the country and start small-sized firm acquisitions ( 10 - 50 employees )  in the Finance industry.

I work in IT infrastructure and my responsibility is to create a great template that we can follow for all IT Infrastructure pieces way ahead of time that covers all aspects of IT during an acquisition.
This is to streamline the process ahead of time and have good planning and smooth transition for any type of acquisition.

For example Servers, Lease, Contracts, Security, Storage, copiers, Backups, Emails, ISP contracts, Passwords, Software licensing etc etc.

If anyone has any experience with acquisitions and can give me some pointers / good resources/websites where I can find these templates or if you have one and can share that can give me a great starting point.

The directors of the company want me to prepare checklists/template in the format of what to do:

- 4 months out
- 3 months out
- 2 months out
- 1 month out
- The week out
- Same day of acquisition
- Post-acquisition tasks.

Also what type of document would you recommend for this checklist/ template - excel ? / are there any better tools I can use?  

I do not have any experience with acquisitions, Thanks in advance for any responses/help to point me in right direction that will give me a good starting point !! 
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