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Can I completely hide Lenovo UNCServer in Windows 10 alt tab list?

I often use windows Alt Tab to show all open windows. I can continue strike tab to select a particular window for manipulation. Upon releasing the keyboard's alt key, focus is given to the selected window and it is restored to its current size.  

Late last year I started noticing the UNCServer app in the alt tab list.'

It seems to be a legit part of Lenovo's maintenance utilities, but I am annoyed every day when I see it with alt tab.

I do not want to disable it, but I want to completely hide it so it does not annoy me in the alt tab list.

rberke (aka UncleBob)

P.S. here are some addition details if you are interested.

It does not show on the taskbar or in the system tray, but I can select it with alt tab.
When I release the alt key, focus is given to it, but it remains invisible.
I tried using alt spacebar > size but that did not help. But, it does prove that focus is on UNCServer. (If there was no focus, alt spacebar would not get a submenu)
I can see UNCServer.exe in taskmanager and using vba programs like this one.

sub isUNCServerRunning
if isprocessrunning("UNCServer.exe") then
   msgbox "uncserver is running"
end if
Public Function IsProcessRunning(FileName As String) As Boolean
    Dim hSnapShot As Long
    Dim pe32 As PROCESSENTRY32
    hSnapShot = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0) 'create snapshot of process
    pe32.dwSize = Len(pe32) 'get size of processentry32
    Process32First hSnapShot, pe32 'get info about first process
    Do While Process32Next(hSnapShot, pe32) <> 0 'loop through all processes
        ' Debug.Print "<" & LCase(pe32.szExeFile) & ">"
        If InStr(1, "<" & LCase(pe32.szExeFile), "<" & LCase(FileName)) > 0 Then 'process found
            IsProcessRunning = True
        End If
    CloseHandle (hSnapShot) 'close snapshot
End Function

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