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How to deploy API and worker service project on production environment

Hi Experts,

I have the following project structure:

1. Class library ( CommonCode) --> unit of work
2. Rest API project
3. Worker service/Window service project which is being used to poll
4. nunit to test the ( CommonCode) project.

What is the best way to deploy this to the various environments?

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You mean you have one project containing a
- server component
- client component
- a common part for both.

So more an Installer topic?
One option is to create several projects, which just share the common files.
This way you can create an executable for each part of the project individually and create a simple installer.

The other option is, to create several executables with are part of a single package. Insite the installer package, you then can define several components which are connected to several install options. Means you create a selection dialog in the installer where the user can decide to install the option one, two or both or whatever. The install options are then connected with the components, where each component is just a file or a set of files (from the installer perspective).  
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Thank you, Bembi.

Here are my few points:

Q1. Is the way I made the project structure correct or is there any better approach exists?
Q2. Appreciate it if you could help with some sort of link\article\code that I could follow on the installer front?  Also is it the best approach to release the project in the production/staging environments?
Q3. I also have a testing project for the common project. How should I handle that too in the release?
Please help experts ?
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Thank you.