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Help with Cisco kit in the office.

So we are talking about live kit but I've used packet tracer to document it.

We have a Cisco 4300 router connected to the outside world (Via a firewall etc)
connected to the 4300 is a cisco switch
Normally all our phones and computer connect to the switch via cabling system patch panel etc.

We have connected a Cisco 2800 series to our network via the internal cabling system,one interface picks up an IP via DHCP the other in connected to another switch - connected to that switch is our test PC.

From the Cisco 2800 I can ping (The internet) from our test PC I can ping both interfaces on the CISCO 2800 but no further (Doesn't make sense to me)

Windows firewall is turned off on the test PC while we test the connection.

Wondering if it do to with trunk port some where - we are on VLAN 1 though.


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8/22/2022 - Mon