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Excel crashes next sort or save action after sort in table.

I have searched and removed all errors using ^F .
Searched for these errors:
Name Error ( #NAME? )
Value Error ( #VALUE! ) ...
Division Error ( #DIV? ...
Null Error ( #NULL! ) ...

This nearly always happens after using SORT from Auto-Filter, which this is.
This has been plaguing me for some weeks so finally I have surrendered and write to ask for any ideas please?

In the DATA sheet
The attached file crashes out upon opening.
<file removed>
and this one does not, it was xlsb and I renamed it xlsx
<file removed>
but it crashes on attempt to sort on column A.

I remain perplexed.
Mac Beta Channel ; hence my extended patience.
The problem appeared to stop when I removed a series of getpivotdata #REF! errors while solving a different problem.
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