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VBA-How to convert index, match formula from a cell to vba?

I have a user form dropdown list that is created by using the below formula in cells AQ3:AQ10.  It works, but on slower computers the list is populated before for cell is populated with the result. Causing the dropdown list to show only zeros.  I'm hoping to alleviate the issue by populating the cell via vba.

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Can the range be replaced with a variable so that the result will be in a string?
If you mean replacing the range AQ3:AQ10 with a string variable containing the range address, yes you can do that.
I doubt that converting the formula to VBA will speed things up.

Maybe put a pause in the code to allow the function to complete
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Here is a better solution that I found to speed up my userform.


VBA: Multilevel dependent drop-down in User Form