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How to add a user to Apache on a Windows 10 platform

This is my developing environment:
Windows 10
Apache 2.4.41
PHP 5.6.40
MS SQL 2008 (and 2014)
I receive 'denied permission" on some of my PHP commands such as unlink and/or creating/deleting directories. I do use chown(filename.0777) for files  but that doesn't always work. So I read about how it would be helpful to add the user  to Apache.
I need to make directories. remove directories  and delete files etc. I can create/write/read files, but can not always unlink them,
I am a bit confused about what I did read to do it concerning the matter. I know the user since I used:
 echo get_current_user();

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My question is how do I add a user to Apache ?
Thank you.

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