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My GPO Screensaver settings are not working.

I created the GPO, applied it to an OU but a couple of things are not working.  On my pc, the screensaver timeout is not working.  in the GPO I have it set for 10 minutes but it is not overriding my local machine screensaver timeout?  It does apply the correct SCR for me, which leads me to the other issue, for me it works but for others in the group it looks like it is pulling from their pictures folder.  the syntax I am using for that is:  \\servername\share\share\screensaver.scr
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Is it a user or computer GPO ?
If it is a user GPO, all users must be under the corresponding OU.
The GPO must be readable by the corresponding users (if you set a group filtering), but also also by All computers.

Of the file and the share must set with permissions for Users (and computers).
The screensaver file should reside on the local disc.
If one parameter in the GPO can not be set, the others are ignored.
So copy the file first into a local folder, set the policy to use this local file and then see, if this works.
What does not work? The time setting, the required login?

The available screen savers common to most version is the sstars.scr.
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I have checked that the policy is being applied by using the gpresult /r command.  I also set permissions on that folder
The time setting is not getting pushed, the MyScreenSaver.scr does seem to be pushing out to clients.  what is the easiest and most effecient way to push the screensaver file to a specific location on end users workstations?  could you send an example?
Is it not being pushed, or the MyScreenSaver.scr does not exist at the destination c:\windows\system32?
Do you have a computer GPO that copies the screenSaver to c:\windows\system32\ note that you have to

Does the screen plainly go black when the screen saver would have kicked in?

which systems are you pushing it to?
you can use the common screen saver, ssText3d.scr , Mystify,scr etc.

So far you have not answered what does not work?
Based on your info using a custom screen saver, the screen goes black when the timeout kicks in, correct.
Again, following the microsoft documentation, the screensaver has to reside on the loacal system. 
The screen saver itself is working, it is the time that is not being pushed.  I have it set for 600 sec (10 min) but the local computer time-out is the one being used.
In your case, you probably should create a GPO (script at startup) to deploy the screen saver(s) in a specific folder on each workstation/

You have some samples here:
how do i deploy custom screen saver in group policy? ( 

In a second step, your screensaver GPO will be able to set one of the screen savers deployed using a local path.

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Copy your screensaver on the local disc, assign a policy pointing to the local sceensaver and your delay and see if it works.